Woodstock School

A 160 year old international school located 7000 feet up in the Indian Himalayas needed a complete media make over

Woodstock School is an international boarding school founded in 1854 in the tiny village of Landour, 7000 feet up in the Indian Himalayas.  To its alumni, it holds a very special place in their memories and in their hearts.

Our challenge was to convey the emotional place the school has to those that know it well, while communicating a clear commercial message to those that are new to the school.  Our goal was to create an in-house library of photos and videos that would have value to the school for years to come and would be able to be used in a variety of print and online projects.

Our team created a library of images and videos that communicated the schools message on student recruitment, fundraising, and the vision of the school.  The photos and videos are now the centre piece of the school’s new website, social media efforts, communication to donors, and were even produced into a new calendar for the community.

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Star Cruises

MPA created an extensive photo and video library for one of the largest cruise lines in Asia

Star Cruises is one of the largest cruise lines in Asia.  Their brand is a household word to most people in this part of the world.

While they had been marketing their brand well for years, Star Cruises saw a need to create an in-house corporate library of photos and videos for a variety of marketing efforts across multiple platforms.  MPA suggested that the the best way to create a library was to hire one team to create both photos and videos – on the same shoot at the same time with the shoot.  This created a clear brand consistency in their visual assets.

Our team lived on the SuperStar Virgo for about a month.  This was our first major shoot that included video.  We created 13 videos between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long in three languages for four target markets.

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Rio Tinto

A corporate video with a tall task: inspire a global company to work together as one team

Collaboration.  It’s what is at the heart of video production.  It is also what was at the heart of this particular video.

Rio Tinto is a huge company with offices all over the world.  The office in Singapore was set up to be a hub for those teams to work together, across product lines and corporate divisions.  It was meant to bring people together so that they would learn from each other, and thereby build a stronger company.

But how do you create a video that encourages people to move to your own office location without sounding like what you are doing there is better than what they are doing now in their own locations?  We focused on something bigger than just a corporate video.  We focused on a concept – and let the importance of the concept draw the audience in.  We focused on collaboration.

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