MotionPicturesAsia creates compelling videos and stunning photography in Asia for clients worldwide.

MotionPicturesAsia (MPA) is led by Alexander Manton, an American photographer and cinematographer based in Asia for the past three decades.  He understands the needs of international clients and at the same time knows how to get the job done in Asia.  He started his career as a photographer, but moved into video as soon he realised his clients needs included video as well.

We are based in Singapore, but have shot in nearly every country in Asia, with extensive experience in the rapidly growing markets of India and China.

MPA is not your typical production company. Our unique strength is in producing compelling videos and stunning photographs – both at the same time.  Shooting both types of rich media content on the same shoot not only saves valuable time and money for our clients but also creates a stronger brand identity through visual continuity.

With the future of media being driven by the web, a cohesive combination of motion and pictures is essential to solidifying a company’s core brand message across multiple media and delivery platforms.  When the photos look like the video and the video looks like the photos, the audience remembers both better – see the video below as an example.

Always giving 120%.  Always easy to work with.  Always a professional and a friend to us and our clients.  MPA is special.

SubSea Media

Hiring MotionPicturesAsia to create photography and video on the same shoot has saved us time and money.

Angus Design, Inc.

This team is able to work with little supervision from the client side, which saved us weeks of micromanaging them.


MotionPicturesAsia was able to really capture the essence of our hotel and communicate it well to our future guests.

Hospitality and Design Pte Ltd

Our clients trust us with large projects – both in terms of scope and geography.  We specialise in creating in-house corporate content libraries for clients, which requires long periods of time, but results in large volumes of creative content.  Our experience working in nearly every country in Asia over the past 25 years makes us uniquely positioned to handle complex projects for clients that are often on the other side of the world.

Over the years, we have developed specialties in three particular market segments: Business & Industry, Hotels & Resorts, and Educational Institutions.  Whether it’s shooting in 15 Asian countries for an American oil company, showcasing a chain of luxury hotels in China, or helping an international school in Singapore recruit new students, our team is passionate about delivering high quality projects to clients worldwide.  Explore some of our success stories with the link below: